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Vincentz Network GmbH & Co. KG

Plathnerstr. 4c
 30175 Hannover
 Phone: +49 511 9910-000
 Fax: +49 511 9910-099
 VAT-/USt.-Ident-No.: DE 115699823
 German Trade Register No.: HRA 23217
 General partner: Vincentz Verlag Geschäftsführung GmbH,
 German Trade Register No. HRB 62163
 Manager: Jonas Vincentz
 Responsible for content in legal sense of § 10 Section 3 MDStV: Jürgen Nowak
Legal Advice
Vincentz Network takes no responsibility for the content of pages to which a link is indicated. The content of those pages is the copyright of the suppliers concerned and does not reflect the opinion of Vincentz Network, which has no control over that content. It is expressly pointed out that Vincentz Network accepts no liability whatever for damage of any kind which is attributable to the use of its Internet service. If links from this site lead you to pages which violate current law, please let us know without delay. We will then remove the link from our Internet service.

Brands, logos and licenses
The product names, trade names, usage names and logos shown on our internet pages are product names, trade names, usage names and logos of Vincentz Network or other companies and organizations. Even if they appear without any special symbol, they are covered by the relevant protective provisions. All those rights not explicitly granted here remain reserved.